How I Work


The Estates & Elders office is in Liberty Lake, where parking is free and the building handicapped accessible. You are welcome to visit at the office, by appointment.

I also make “house calls.” Our meeting can be at your home or that of a family member, a hospital or the place where you are receiving care. I do not charge for travel time.


I’m available on the day and time that works for your family, including evenings and weekends, by appointment.

How I Charge for Services

I charge when there is some legal service I can provide for you. Once I know what that is, I will quote, in most cases a flat fee for the work so we both know what to expect. All flat fees include reasonable contact by telephone, email, mail or in-person meetings until I have met your need.

I will charge you for court or other fees like deed recording on a pass-through basis, but not for mundane things like copies or postage.

My fees are reasonable and I work hard to keep costs low. I accept credit cards and payment plans. If the fee is an issue, please discuss it with me.

If I Cannot Do It, I'll Help You Find Someone Who Can

I’m not the kind of attorney you see in the courtroom on television. I confine my practice to planning, counseling and document preparation. If your matter is one that may end up in court, or for which I do not have the skills you need, I will refer you to another trusted attorney.

I have a wide network of professionals who provide services to elders and their families and routinely make referrals within my network. Please ask if you are looking for a certain type of in-home care or care facility, a financial advisor, a realtor or any other type of service. Serving elders is a team effort.

Contact me today and we'll work to help you get the legal help you need.