FIVE WAYS TO PREPARE FOR YOUR OWN PANDEMIC What you really need to know about getting your financial and legal affairs in order

There are few people alive who remember the 1918 Flu Pandemic. I find it amazing that our children and grandchildren will grow up with pandemic experience from these unprecedented times.   Our nation has never seen or dealt with a virus this severe and vastly impactful. Everyone has been affected; small businesses and large corporations, … Continued

Looking For Peace of Mind When Things Are Not Peaceful

I am a fan of Washington Post writer and advice columnist, Carolyn Hax, whose column often appears in our Spokesman-Review. Today’s column addressed an older sibling’s feelings of helplessness when his younger brother received a cancer diagnosis. Ms. Hax advised the older brother to focus on what he could “count on and control.” Ms. Hax’s … Continued

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